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Welcome to my pink and sweet world! This is my online diary, some kind of resource site too. This site is open to anyone in the blogging world, know how to tag and im open for new friends.

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And let it go..
Sunday, October 25, 2009, 3:18 PM
I was bothered last night and last following nights about this. I'm not sure if i will let it go. . I just don't know what to do. You kno, it isn't bad to say ily to a person you really love, i like saying it first in the morning, and then i'll send him an im telling him that i really love him, and it doesn't matter if he loves me or not. The fact is, i don't know. Is it that i'm confused or just giving it a meaning, cause he's still concern and you kno you feel something inside and it says he still loves you. It's quite hard to decide on anything cause i don't kno the real catch?! And i don't what's my status, he won't tell. and if he says it, it may not be true. But i asked him last time on what's the real situation he says i'm like a friend to him. isn't it funny while on the other side he was jealous and he was the one to send me an im everytime i open my offline messages. I want to see him again, and talk of things we should be talking about. Clarification is what i need. or do i have to really let it go?