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Albino Farm + Love ♥
Sunday, October 25, 2009, 6:03 AM
I just watched a movie entitled Albino Farm. I find it thrilling, cause i'm used to different monsters or any weird creatures in any movie. I like the setting, meant loved the setting. The story starts on 4 college students heading to albino farm, i don't know the real reason cause i skipped that part cause my friend called. so they were on a ghost town like a suburb something like that, some houses lights are lit off and the streets are free from many cars. i like how it is set. heh. and it ended up on heading them on the Albino Farm. Then after that they started to run for their loves cause there were cannibals living in that place, the Albino Farm is a condemned place. they tried to fight for theirselves but unfortunately one girl survived. She turned crazy after that. You might want to watch it??

Just a little fact about Albino Farm. The story of the movie was based on the true story. there is really an albino farm located on Ozarks, missouri? i can't remember and it is formerly known as Springlawn Farm. some says that it was a laboratory before making experiments on albinos. others said that there was a caretaker on it scaring and haunting trespassers. ahh. i wish i could go there at night, and see what if feels like. The rest of the legend is here: Underground Ozarks gee, i really love deserted towns in the west!! A perfect place to explore!

I forgot i made a gift for my friends who is helping me on retroghost by clicking the button on my sidebar, in return here's a gift. hope you like it. lovv yaa all. mmuaa.