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Welcome to my pink and sweet world! This is my online diary, some kind of resource site too. This site is open to anyone in the blogging world, know how to tag and im open for new friends.

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A new set of smileys!
Monday, October 19, 2009, 6:30 AM
oh how i love making smileys!! this is my second set of smiley, i remember i made 2 sets before i just don't know where did i put it or it was removed by my host before. anyway, i've seen lots of downloads on my layouts and smileys, i am hoping i was more productive and make dozens just for you bloggers. im tired of pixel smileys, i am seeing it everywhere even on chats. i rarely found something different, so i hope others will like it. here's a preview:

download these smileys on my contents tab. i hope you like it. :) btw, im planning on visiting resources sites and fellow blogspot users but i don't have the energy on this, im feeling sleepy... and oh, this is just a temporary layout, don't worry to ms. corsage, i didn't removed the credits space. im talking too much, i hope can make more tomorrow. im not sure, im going to school and check if i have any failing grades on my swimming class. goodnyt everyone!

still loving..<33